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Are you planning for Gartner Symposium?

Gartner is well underway with planning for Fall Symposium.  They recently sent out an email (click here) encouraging both clients and Gartner logonon-clients to plan on attending.

SageCircle has always maintained that early planning and subtle influence on the key analysts presenting at Symposium can be very beneficial.  Remember that many non-Gartner clients attend and can be highly influenced by what they see and hear.

Planning is underway inside Gartner with analysts and research managers jockeying to have their ideas for the theme, tracks, and presentations incorporated into the event.  With topics and tracks in the planning stages NOW is the time for vendor AR teams to work on their symposium plans.  Savvy vendors can contribute their ideas to the mix of ideas for Symposium as well.  This is like a game of musical chairs where not everybody will have a seat when the music stops.   However, time is running out so it is important to get started immediately.

Last April we had a Coffee Talk on Influencing Gartner’s Fall Symposium and have posted a replay here ( free registration is required ).  This will give you an overview of some of the tasks you should consider.

If you would like to discuss your plans with SageCircle contact us about setting up an advisory time.

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