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Ovum Announces AR Community Call

The more information analyst relations professionals have about an analyst firm the better equipped they will be to interact efficiently and effectively with the firm and its analysts.  Each of the major firms has some sort of communication method to keep their vendor clients informed.  Some also have on-line forums.

In recent months Ovum, a global analyst firm that covers the IT and telecommunications industries, has had a lot of changes.  They have just announced the first in a regular series of AR Community Calls. It will be held Thursday, May 19, 2011, at 9 am US PDT

The first call will be focused on updates about Ovum, its two research divisions, and upcoming events. Future calls will discuss research agendas, methodologies, procedures, and the new Ombudsman function.

For those AR program who currently work with Ovum, and especially those who might just be considering them this represents an efficient way to learn about the firm.  A big goal of these calls is not only to answer questions about Ovum, but also to hear suggestions for how they can work more effective with you.

To receive the conference call info and presentation contact   carter.lusher [at] ovum [dot] com

Proposed agenda for Ovum’s inaugural AR Community Call

  • Welcome & introduction – Carter Lusher (5 minutes)
  • Ovum business update – Brett Azuma (10)
  • Ovum Telecoms update – Richard Mahon (10)
  • Ovum Technology update – Ian Charlesworth (10)
  • Ovum Industry Congress update – Tim Jennings (5)
  • Vendor Bill of Rights – Carter Lusher (5)
  • Q&A – all, Carter Lusher moderate (15)

SageCircle Technique:

  • Take advantage of efficient ways to learn about analysts and analyst firms
  • Be aware of potential needs of these analysts for their research and judge your need to participate
  • Aggressively work to understand the changing influence of analysts on your market space so that you can modify your analyst lists accordingly.

Bottom Line: The analyst eco-system is always in flux.  Knowing about the current and future plans of analysts and firms is an important activity for all AR teams.

Question: AR – How do you determine the impact of analysts on your revenues?  Are you using any tools to allocate your resources to the proper people?

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One Response to Ovum Announces AR Community Call

  1. joel wecksell says:

    how do we register for the Ovum analyst event?

    Send an email to Carter as listed in the post above.

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