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Efficient Briefing Idea other firms should consider

Getting your analysts to accept your briefing requests can be a lot of work.  Of course it is important that your topic be relevant and interesting – but scheduling is often an issue.

Attending analyst firm theme conferences offer you a chance for one-on-one meetings with analysts, but these are great for relationship building, but not suited to a briefing.

Ovum has just announced a briefing day in London.  With most of their analysts attending a company meeting it offers the opportunity for vendors to do in-person briefings with analysts that are typically scattered all over the globe.  They are planning a full day to schedule one-hour vendor briefings all in one location.

Advantages to Vendors

  • Opportunity to meet analysts in person rather than over the phone or email
  • Efficiency of a single briefing with multiple analysts instead of conducting multiple briefings because the analysts are normally scattered across many time zones
  • Face-to-face briefings offer different interaction dynamics that many vendors feel are better than teleconferences
  • Feedback from multiple analysts about the topics being discussed

Advantages to Firm

  • Opportunity to meet vendor clients in person rather than over the phone or email
  • Briefings scheduled efficiently with less interruption of the analyst’s time
  • Opportunity to meet both clients and non-clients to gather research data

Ovum is planning this for Wednesday, May 18th, in London. The briefings will start at 08.30 GMT and run through 4 pm GMT with each slot being 60 minutes. Time slots will be assigned to vendors on a first come, first serve basis. However, before a vendor is assigned a slot they will need to get at least one analyst to agree to attend the briefing.  To request a briefing slot or if you have questions about this special event you can contact Carter Lusher at carter.lusher [at]

We will be interested in how this is received.  If it proves successful it might be something for AR teams to request of other firms.  It might make a great draw for vendor participation at various theme events if the analysts were available the day before or after the conference.

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2 Responses to Efficient Briefing Idea other firms should consider

  1. Trisha Mirel says:

    If the success we’ve enjoyed with Briefing Days held over the last four years at Forrester offices around the world is any indication, I’m sure the Ovum equivalent will be very well received. It’s a great benefit to vendors of all stripes for the reasons you outline here, and especially those who otherwise might not have easy in-person access to their key analysts.

  2. Dave Eckert says:

    The Vendor day at an analyst firm office is a great idea, but have firms considered appending them to a theme conference with a focus on a specific area of research?

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