Invite your IT analysts to listen to investor conferences

Public companies frequently have their executives speak at investor conferences (e.g., Gartner at Goldman Sachs Communacopia XVI Conference-Replay). While the IT industry analysts are typically not interested in the same information as financial analysts, the presentations at these conferences can actually be useful for IT analysts. That is because your company’s executives will almost always give a succinct presentation of the company or business division strategy. For analysts that have not heard the strategy recently, listening to the replay of an investor conference presentation can provide a useful refresh. It is especially useful for product-centric analysts who often pass up formal briefings on the business group or corporate strategy.

For large IT vendors that have “watchers” or “lead analysts” (senior analysts that are tasked with getting the big picture about a vendor), suggesting that the watcher listen to a business group EVP present their strategy at an investor conference is a quick way for the analyst to get exposure to a division they might not cover without a formal briefing. What makes this even more appealing is that the analyst can multi-task while listening.
SageCircle Technique:  Check with your Tier 1 analysts to see if they would be interested in getting notices about your company’s investor conferences. Determine which topics would be of most interest to avoid spamming the analysts. For Tier 2 and Tier 3 analysts, include notes about upcoming or recently completed investor conferences in your newsletter or blog. Note in your e-mails, newsletters or blogs the amount of time commitment (e.g., “VP Smith’s presentation of strategy is the first 13 minutes and next 31 minutes is Q&A with investors”) and why it would be useful for the analyst.
Bottom Line: Analysts often don’t think they need exposure to a broader range of information. By making it convenient for them to hear strategy presentations, AR can do the analysts a service without expending a lot of effort or burdening the analysts.
Question: Do you send IT analysts notices about your executives speaking at investor conferences? If no, why not? If yes, how do the analysts respond?

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