So why does SageCircle list its competitors on its links list?

If you look over in the right-hand blogroll you will see a section for “AR Services Firms.”  It is true that some of these firms are directly or indirectly SageCircle’s competitors.  Admittedly, it is a bit unusual for a company to put its competitors in a prominent place on its blog.  However, it is our opinion that the market for analyst-related services is so underpenetrated that there is plenty of business for everybody. 
We at SageCircle think that it important to impress upon any visitors to our blog that the AR services market, while having small firms, is a vibrant market.  You can have confidence in working with any of us to improve your AR program.  Check the SageCircle website for the services we offer.
Question: Are there other AR services firms that need to have a link in the list?