Interesting mix of analyst videos on YouTube

forrester-research-channel-on-youtube-2.jpgWhile browsing around YouTube this afternoon, I came across an interesting mix of analyst videos. Everything from firm level experiment like the Forrester Research channel (left) and the IDC eXchange channel to one-off videos by many other firms and individuals. I thought that Redmonk had a regular show on YouTube, but I did not find it. For those interested in the history of the IT analyst industry check out the four excerpts from Gideon Gartner’s appearance at The Computer History Museum in May, 2007.
Readers might want to do a little browsing on YouTube to see if any of their analysts have a piece up there. Warning! YouTube can suck up a huge amount of time as you bounce from one video to the next.
Question: Do you consider YouTube a useful way to access analyst research and insights? Which would you prefer: extracts form conferences or made-for-video clips?

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