Reading List for January 24, 2008 – Social Media Index, transparency, too cool for school

icon-fountain-pen.jpgOn my personal blog, Food Notebook, I use to have a regular feature every Wednesday that highlighted interesting items from various sources (for example Media Roundup – 8/22/07). I always had lots of content to pull from and it was fun to do. I anticipated doing the something similar here on the SageCircle blog. Alas, there is not that much regular content on the web about the IT analysts and the folks who interact with them. So the “Reading List” will be an irregular feature until more people and publications start creating content about the analysts – hint, hint.

Keep those calls and emails coming… by Bob or John at HP Corporate AR suggesting that analysts who work on emerging technologies proactively call them, because those analysts are not easy to identify. The point is there might be something happening in HP Labs or the Office of Strategy & Technology that might be relevant to these analysts if the analysts let the AR team know what they are working on. This also applies to any of the vendors doing serious research and not just tomorrow’s product development.

In Report: IT Decision-Makers Make More Use of Social Media, Des Walsh discusses the ITtoolbox/PJA IT Social Media Index – Wave II report that looks at how social media might be influencing IT buyer decisions. I downloaded the report and skimmed through it. The problem is that it only looks at social media and not the universe of potential influencers. However, there are still some good tidbits in it.

Duncan Chapple over at Analyst Equity has a good post Are analysts too cool for school? about confrontational analysts.

I know that ARonaut is going to give me heck for just now mentioning PR Week discusses analyst relations on ARmageddeon because it was posted on 12/18/07. But hey, I was launching a company and was just a little busy!

Skip MacAskill on the Cisco AR blog talks about Lessons Learned from the C-scape 2007 conference.

Too often we in the analyst ecosystem focus too much on the major analyst firms and not enough on the really smart boutiques. Case in point is Creative Strategies and Tim Bajarin’s Predictions for 2008.

IBM’s John Simonds rants Using your Blog to Shill? NOT.

On The Net-Savvy Executive, Nathan Gilliatt riffs on his idea for an Intelligence Delivery SystemTM in Accessing analyst research via RSS.

In his post, Nathan mentions Vinnie Mirchandani and his Analyst Transparency Workgroup post on Deal Architect. I agree with Vinnie that major analyst firms exposing 1% to 2% of their research on the web would provide great visibility for them. Alas, it will require an incredible culture change for this to happen, but it could happen.

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