Why should AR Mangers attend Analyst Conferences

Tomorrow is the San Jose version of the annual IDC Directions Conference.  It is among the many analyst conferences from both the major firms and the boutiques.  There are those that include broad topic coverage and those that are specifically pointed to a market or technology.  Given time, budget, and insanity an AR manager could easily attend a conference a week.  So how do you determine which to attend and how to gain value from your time away from the office?

A first consideration is the objective of the conference for the attendees.  Are these your current or potential customers?  Is this a general conference or one that is specific to your market?  How large is the expected attendance and what opportunities do you have to interact directly with customers?  Are any of your executives attending, or perhaps even speaking at this event?  Will there be product managers or market researchers from your company who can bring back information?

Next consider the analyst participation.  Are the analysts who will be speaking among those your top tier list?  What interactions have you had with them in the past weeks or months?  Do you know how your company will be portrayed or compared to your competition?

Next are analyst one-on-one times available?  You already know that this is not a time for a briefing, but even casual contact can assist you in being top of mind during their presentation or in enhancing the relationship.  Also consider a short greeting and word of encouragement to the analyst right before the presentation to alert them to your presence and get that top of mind connection.

Your time is scarce, and selecting the right analyst events to attend is an important way to allocate that precious resource.
SageCircle Technique:

  • Survey upcoming analyst events and create a calendar of potential targets
  • Research each event as to attendee profiles and who from your company might also attend
  • Determine if key analysts are presenting
  • Prioritize the events as to impact and determine the level of effort you have available
  • Document the results for future considerations of the same conference

Bottom Line: AR managers can enhance relationships and maintain a top of mind status by meeting analysts at their events, but care must be given to only attending those that provide sufficient impact.


AR teams – How many analyst conferences do you attend each year?  How do you decide which ones are valuable?

Analysts – Do you want vendors to take your on-on-one time at conferences?  Is this a good use of your time?

Do you need assistance in your AR resource planning? SageCircle can Help – We have a series of planning templates that can help you allocate resources.

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