SageCircle launches calendar of Vendor Analyst Events

Twice in the last couple of weeks, we have received requests – one from an analyst and one from a vendor – that SageCircle put together an online calendar to track vendors’ major analyst events. The idea is not new as it has popped up a number of times over the last few years as AR professionals express their frustration on trying schedule major events. Too often a vendor would find that its event was scheduled too close to another vendor in the same market so that both vendors ended up splitting the potential analyst audience.

Today SageCircle is launching a new “Page” (see left hand navigation menu) called Vendor Analyst Events. It is a simple listing by month. Please send us the dates and location of your events and we will post them for free. The events we are interested in are major events like summits and conferences (see definition below).

 Why would a vendor share the date of their analyst event? Wouldn’t that just be giving its competitors intelligence that they could use for mischief? The reality is that vendor events do not stay a secret any longer than the first “hold the date” e-mail so there is no real danger of mischief. An example is that analyst firms do their best to avoid obvious overlap. We think the attitude is that people do not want to accidently schedule events too close together because it dilutes the possible attendance.

“analyst summit” / “analyst conference” – an event hosted by a technology vendor with the goal of educating industry analysts on a breadth of topics about the vendor and its market. Analyst summits are characterized as having attendance of dozens to hundreds of analysts from multiple firms with formal “main stage” presentations, breakout sessions, executive 1-on-1 meetings and social gatherings. Analyst summits typically last from one-half day to two days.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Leave a comment or send an e-mail to info [at] sagecircle dot com with the dates and location of your event

Bottom Line: The AR community can increase its efficiency through the sharing of schedules about vendor analyst events.


4 thoughts on “SageCircle launches calendar of Vendor Analyst Events

  1. Carter, what a fabulous idea 🙂 We’re planning for FY09 right now (which starts in two weeks) and once I have a definitive list, I’ll send ’em on over. Thanks for doing this. Openness and sharing is all good.

  2. As an analyst that advocated this, I’m delighted – it will make it a lot easier to prioritise things from our side. Looking a bit sparse at the moment though 🙂

    Can you please ensure that updates are highlighted through RSS?

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