SageCircle is in the PRWeek Blog Competition!

PRWeek is holding an interesting competition to have readers select their favorite blog. We are honored that SageCircle’s blog was nominated to be one of the 32 blogs. Yes, SageCircle concentrates on the analyst ecosystem and analyst relations (AR). However, the IT and telcomms analysts are an important resource for the technology and business press, helping reporters make sense of complex technology issues and providing pithy sound bites.

SageCircle has long advocated that AR and PR collaborate to ensure that the IT and telecoms analysts are used effectively, both as advisors to PR and other marketers, and by the press. Here is a roundup of some of the relevant PR/AR posts: 

The voting is being done by brackets. The first eight blogs have been posted today in the first bracket. The brackets have not been published yet by PRWeek, but we estimate that SageCircle will be up on Thursday, August 7. Stay tuned and we will alert you when it is time to vote!

SageCircle Technique:

  • Vote for SageCircle (Come on, did you expect we weren’t going to ask to vote for us?)

Bottom Line: While we do not expect SageCircle to win this competition, we are honored to be nominated. More importantly, we see this competition as an opportunity to educate both PR and AR on the benefits of collaboration and leveraging the power of the IT and telecoms analysts to advance the communications goals of technology vendors.