Time to Vote! SageCircle’s bracket now up on the PRWeek website

As we mentioned earlier in the week, SageCircle has been nominated to be part of PRWeek’s 10th Anniversary PR blog competition. Just getting nominated is a honor and we hope we can use this competition to highlight the value of PR and AR cooperating and collaborating. But we need your help! Please visit the PRweek page and vote for good old SageCircle.

It is super easy and does not require registration or anything else to vote. A couple of clicks and you’ll be finished.

To vote: 

  • Visit the PRweek 10th Anniversary page www.prweekus.com/Tenth-Anniversary/section/404/
  • Scroll down to the blog competition section where you will see four voting boxes with pie charts
  • SageCircle is in the lower left box
  • Click on “Sage Circle” to vote

Time is of the essence. The voting bracket that SageCircle is in will only be up for a couple of days. The previous bracket was suppose to be up through tonight, but they jumped the gun and put our bracket up a day early, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to vote for more than just today, so please visit now.

A big Thanks! to everybody.

PS: There is still time to sign up for the SageCircle Webinar “Introduction to Twitter” (click for info and agenda). You can register by clicking here or visiting www.sagecircle.com/

One thought on “Time to Vote! SageCircle’s bracket now up on the PRWeek website

  1. Hey SageCircle bloggers,

    Wanted to wish you all a belated best of luck with this contest.

    If you get a chance, check out my blog today. I’m hoping that the 32 bloggers might actually come together to form a community to discuss some topical issues (like ethics in the digital world). My post today is about the Olympics and problems in China.

    Would be great to see you take part in the discussion.


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