Gartner relaunches Office of Ombudsman presence on web

After at least 23 months of total inactivity and rare activity before that, Gartner’s Ombudsman Nancy Erskine (Twitter, blog) has relaunched the webpage and blog associated with the Office of the Ombudsman.  Welcome back! It will be interesting to see if there will be a reasonable stream of new posts (e.g., two or three per month) or whether the volume dries up quickly.

Comments are turned on, so I encourage you to visit the blog and throw in your two cents. The first two real topics are interesting ones so this might be a good time to experiment with leaving a probing question to a post to see how the Ombudsman reacts.

—- text from Gartner’s email —- 

We are excited to announce a new look and feel for the Office of the Ombudsman site.  These enhancements directly reflect our desire to provide a user-friendly experience with timely, relevant content.

We have made specific updates to the following areas:

The Ombudsman Blog will now provide (at least) weekly posts by Nancy Erskine, GVP. Nancy will share her views on the issues addressed regularly by the Office of the Ombudsman.

The Guiding Principles now include updated content and are categorized by sections including Brand Protection, Vendor Issues and Consulting.

The site now provides content in a streamlined format, with frequent updates and actionable information shared via the Blog.

We encourage you to visit the Ombudsman site.  If you would like to give feedback/suggestions, please send them to

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