Stealth analyst firm reorganizations trigger the need for analyst list maintenance

Analyst firms are no different from any other company in that they go through periodic reorganizations. There are many reasons why firms reorganization, such as: 

  • Changes in the tech marketplace which causes changes in analyst research coverage assignments as emerging technologies are added while declining/consolidating markets are dropped
  • Acquisitions (e.g., Forrester buying JupiterResearch) that bring in new analysts, market coverages and services
  • Modifications to the firm’s business model to go after new opportunities or exit poor markets

The problem for analyst relations (AR) professionals is that firms rarely tell clients or AR teams about these organization changes. This could dramatically decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of the analyst education effort as AR wastes time working with analysts that are no longer relevant while missing newly relevant analysts.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Ask analysts in a casual manner during interactions (e.g., briefing and inquiry) whether the firm has recently gone through or is planning a reorganization
  • Ask firm account executives periodically about actual or planned reorganizations
  • Request formal briefings from firms that have reorganized
  • Seek out the entire organization chart including managers, not just analysts covering your market
  • Include learning about management changes to update your escalation procedures and contacts

Bottom Line: A large analyst firm’s reorganization is a trigger for AR managers to kick off an analyst list management project.

Question: Do you have a formal process for maintaining your analyst lists?