Illuminata’s Gordon Haff on four things AR teams should be doing to be more effective

photo-gordon-haff.jpgCarter ran into Gordon at the Redmonk 5th Birthday Party in San Francisco. When asked about what AR could do to become more effective, Gordon immediately came up with four suggestions:

#1 – Don’t use Webex or virtual rooms.

#2 – PR agencies should understand analysts’ coverages and not spam them with non-relevant briefing requests

#3 – Tell me something I don’t know

#4 – Make the interaction a dialog and not a PowerPoint-based monologue
SageCircle Technique: AR teams should frequently ask analysts how they could be more effective in working with them. This is a great relationship builder as analysts appreciate being asked about their preferences.

Bottom Line: AR teams that become more aware of analyst preferences can be more effective in educating them. It is relatively easy for AR teams to ask about preferences and then synthesize them into AR processes and practices.

Question: AR teams – Have you ever asked analysts about their preferences? Were the answers from analysts reasonable or outrageous?  Analysts – What are your suggestions for how AR teams can be more effective?
Are you balancing efficiency, effectiveness, style and convenience in your interactions? SageCircle can help. Our strategists can:

  • Provide on-site or distance learning sessions to get AR teams up to speed on best practices.
  • Review your recent interactions to determine how you might have been a bit more analyst centric.
  • Critique your plans for analyst events, like conferences, to ensure that flash does not overwhelm effectiveness and convenience.
  • Act as a sounding board as you brainstorm the mix of interactions for the second half of the year.

To learn more contact us at info [at] sagecircle dot com or 650-274-8309.  

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