AR-Sales Partnership [part 6]: Action items to launch a project

icon-dollar-euro.jpgIn the past several posts we have discussed key ideas of building a bridge to sales and how to start a pilot program.  Now that you have decided to launch your own AR-Sales Partnership program, you need a plan that lists the action items you need to complete.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Educate yourself so you know all your options and have a solid background to explain to others
  • Obtain buy-in from your manager or executive
  • Build the bridge to Sales starting with exploratory meetings
  • Generate a draft plan (this will be an iterative process)
  • Identify a pilot group which will support the plan
  • Develop and document processes and policies
  • Develop your training content and collateral
  • Launch the pilot (official or skunk works)
  • Harvest the pilot experiences and adjust your plan, processes, and policies
  • Harvest sales data points for proving the ROI of AR
  • Harvest intelligence about which influencers are most used by prospects
  • Review the pilot with the participants to understand their level of support
  • Make a Go/No Go decision with your management for full rollout
  • Obtain additional resources if necessary
  • Stage the broad roll out in phases, monitoring progress

Bottom Line: The AR-Sales Partnership is a powerful tool for analyst relations teams to deliver real business value to their companies, while gathering critical data to help with prioritizing AR’s efforts. While a significant amount of work, an AR-Sales Partnership can pay off by improving the perception of AR from being a cost center to performing a strategic function that drives top-line revenue growth.

This post is part of a series about building the AR-Sales Partnership Program. In addition to this series, there are a number of posts with tips and tricks about preparing Sales for dealing with analyst influence on deals. 

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  6. AR-Sales Partnership [part 6]: Action items to launch a project


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