Presentation Tip: Watch out for the notes on PowerPoint slides

If you send industry analysts PowerPoint files of your presentations, do make sure that you review the text in the Notes section of each page. You’ll want to delete any text that is inappropriate to give to the analysts. This is a step that is easy to miss and which will give you great heartburn. Add this step to your standard presentation critique checklist — you do have a presentation critique checklist, right? — is a simple way to avoid reaching for the antacid pills.

BTW, sending PowerPoint and Word files is a best practice that AR managers should consider using. Providing content in Microsoft Office format makes it easier for analysts to repurpose your content. No, silly, this is not “stealing.” It is called “leverage” and savvy AR managers use this practice to get their companies’ message into the marketplace with enhanced credibility and build relationships with the analysts. 

There is more detail about this technique in SageNoteTM AR120 “Analysts: Originality is not the Goal.” Advisory Clients can request a copy of this SageNote today and schedule an inquiry about how to apply this technique with their analysts. Starting July 1, this SageNote and hundreds of other SageNotes will be incorporated into the SageCircle Analyst Relations Wiki, expanded and cross linked for easy use. Sign up today to get the charter client pricing which expires on July 31. The AR Wiki will also have many checklists, such as a presentation critique checklist, that you can download in Word to save you the time and effort to reinvent the wheel.

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  • I usually send everything in PDF rather than heavy DOC or PPT -it’s easier to download on the move and don’t blow the analyst email quota off. Some analysts ask for individiual slides.

    Best practice question: how many AR dpt have set up FTP sites or AR portals for sharing heavy files?

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