Hill and Knowlton’s Tech Decision Makers Study

Interesting press release from our friends at H&K on Industry Analysts, Print Media Leading Influencers in IT Decisions. This concerns the nearly annual study H&K commissions to interview (much better and more expensive than a web survey) IT buyers about where they get their information and advice on purchasing decisions.
I had the pleasure of seeing presentation of the study when at a SPAR meeting from the smart-as-a-tack Josh Reynolds and as always it has some interesting insights. Well worth downloading from http://www.hillandknowlton.com/techoutlook. One set of data that caught my eye was the large increase in the influence of “Word of Mouth, including Blogs.” Another interesting breakout is how the Chinese are starting to use the IT industry analysts second only to the US.
Tip o’ the hat to Fred Abbott of Valley View Ventures for the tip about this press release.

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