“Media training” does not, I repeat, does not prepare one for the analysts

icon-the-press-110w.jpgHad a great meeting today at a software company where the subject of preparing spokespeople for interacting with industry analysts came up. Before the I chance to say anything, the head of corporate communications – a very smart gentleman with a heritage in PR – immediate piped up that tradition media training is not useful for preparing spokespeople to interact with the industry analysts.

Hurrah! Someone who gets it!

Everything about how the analysts work and how the press works is so different that using media training to get executives and domain experts ready to interact with the analysts will actually cause more problems than no training what so ever. We recommend that tech vendors use a dedicated AR services firm like SageCircle*, KCG, Lighthouse and so on (see the list in the right hand, lower side of this screen) to prepare their executives and not use typical media training.

* SageCircle has a full portfolio of training services, including an executive briefing series,  to help tech vendors prepare all members of their staff to interact effectively with the industry analysts.

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  • However, many AR training assume spokesperson have already had a media (or sales) training and concentrate solely on the audience.
    This is a mistake as one also need to master skills such as objection handling.
    Plus, execs often hate devoting time to training -after all they’re executives and know already everything. A videotaped speaker training always comes handy to have them coming back to reality….

    Best practice: use an analyst to do this…

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