Barbara French’s keen observation about how Forrester drives visibility for itself

Barbara French has an interesting post on her Tekrati “Keeping Tabs” blog that Forrester eclipses Apple iPhone rumors.

“…Only one IT industry analyst company could usurp rumors of a 3G iPhone with the hottest Apple story-of-the-hour among business, tech and consumer press and bloggers worldwide. That would be Forrester Research. They have proven once again that issuing a well-timed (and well promoted) vision will score more market attention than a rigorous reckoning of the here-and-now.

The viral news coverage centers on the report, “The Future Of Apple Inc. – By 2013, Apple’s Product Mix Will Make It A Credible Hub Of The Digital Home”, by J.P. Gownder and James McQuivey. …”

Check out the rest of the post for examples and Barbara’s conclusions.

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