AR and analyst gathering in the Silicon Valley on Monday, January 12th

Analyst Relations Meet UpA regular part of SageCircle’s AR seminar is the happy hour after the first day’s afternoon session. This gives seminar participants and strategists an opportunity to chat over adult beverages and finger food about the topics covered, applying them to specific situations, and discuss other issues about the analyst ecosystem (… or restaurants… or current events… or anything else). It has proven to be a nice relaxing networking opportunity. 

As an experiment, we are opening up the happy hour to all AR professionals and analysts that would like to drop by to network and chat. We won’t be using this as a sales opportunity for SageCircle and there will not be any formal presentations. Nor is this a meeting of SPAR or IIAR. Rather the purpose is to promote the community around the analysts.

As a further experiment, we are also inviting analysts and research managers to drop by as well. Even end-user clients of the analysts might want to drop by to chat with AR professionals about the information vendors provide the analysts. This could help the end users be more effective research consumers.

The gathering will be in at the Cupertino Inn (De Anza exit off 280) in the heart of the Silicon Valley. It will start at approximately 5:45 to 6 pm PT and goes to who knows when at least to 7:30 pm or later. So drop by after work.

If you think you might be showing up for this booze-and-schmooze, please let us know so that we can arrange for an appropriate meeting area and enough booze (you will be supplying the schmooze). Contact us at 503-636-1500 or info [at]

Please spread the word to AR, analysts and IT managers. If this works next week, we might make it a regular feature of our monthly seminars.

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