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What We Are Reading - what's on SageCircle's reading listA couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a full-day seminar by Garr Reynolds where he discussed his ideas for simplifying presentations. It was an amazing day because it demolished the typical approaches for creating corporate presentations. The norm is full of clutter that masks rather than communicates information. Reynolds’ approach is to radically simplify what is projected onto a screen so ideas and the information are front and center rather than the PowerPoint.

Reynolds has published Presentation Zen ($19.79 plus S&H, click to purchase on Amazon) that captures his techniques in a well-designed, highly illustrated, and easy-to-read format. The only problem is that readers will no doubt cringe every time Reynolds discusses a “worst practice” that they themselves use.

Presentation Zen is highly recommended for analyst relations professionals and analysts alike.

What We Are Reading – what’s on SageCircle’s reading list

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