Tweetparty works as a distribution list manager for Twitter direct messages

Graphic 1 = tweetparty main screen
Graphic 1 = tweetparty main screen

A nifty new tool for Twitter is tweetparty, which permits users to send a direct message to a group of followers. This could be a very useful tool for analyst relations (AR) programs as it enhances the efficiency of using Twitter. It provides for Twitter what a distribution list does for email.  There are a number of uses that AR can apply for a direct message distribution list, such as:

  • Notices to analysts attending an event
  • Updates about fast breaking news
  • Reminders

Tweetparty, which is free, is very simple to use. You set up an account using your existing Twitter handle. After it has downloaded your followers you can set up various groups.  This is done by creating a name and picking followers to add to the group from a list of all your followers (see Graphic 2 to below).

To send a direct message to a group, you send a direct message to @tweetparty with the group name you want to message preceded by a hash mark, e.g., 

   d @tweetparty #groupname  message text

The DM shows up in your Twitter Sent folder as any DM. Within minutes, individual DMs generated by tweetparty also show up in your Sent folder as if they had been sent by you.

Graphic 2 = Managing a group's membership
Graphic 2 = Managing a group's membership

As with any communications technology, tweetparty is not the end-all and be-all but just another tool in the AR toolbox.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Set up a tweetparty account and start experimenting with it
  • Keep group names as short as possible to conserve character count
  • Check SageCircle’s Analyst Twitter Directory periodically for your top analysts
  • Don’t spam the analysts

Bottom Line: Social media provides AR with valuable tools to enhance relationship building, intelligence gathering, and communications. However, AR professionals have to be careful to focus on those tools that provide most ROI. One way to enhance the value of social media is to use tools like tweetparty that improve the efficiency of using social media.

Question: What are your favorite Twitter tools?

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