Change management is a critical component for successful social media or ARM initiatives

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You may call it behavior modification, but one of the most critical components – often overlooked – for a successful AR social media program or analyst relations management (ARM) application deployment is change management. Without a way to reinforce new habits, AR managers will find that their new initiatives will fade away as old habits and day-to-day activities displace the new behaviors (click on graphic to enlarge).

Change management does require specific techniques (e.g., monitoring activity, active intervention, and coaching), but the biggest issue for most managers is the investment of time. If the manager does not have time to be the change agent for the initiative, then they will need to assign one of their team members to that role and manage change through that person. It is also possible to out-task the change agent role, but the manager cannot out-task the accountability.

SageCircle Technique:

  • Incorporate change management activity into the plans for major new initiatives
  • Assign one person to have clear responsibility for change and hold them accountable
  • If out-tasking the change agent role, determine how you will manage the third party firm and measure its effectiveness
  • Add metrics for new behaviors into the goals for the entire team and individual team members
  • Periodically review progress with the team and individual team members

Bottom Line: To overcome the inertia of long established habits, managers need to make change management a vital part of their plans for new initiatives, especially social media and ARM usage.

Question: Do you have a formal section in your AR plans for change management?

Don’t Have the Time to be Your Team’s Change Agent? SageCircle can Help.

 SageCircle has the experience and processes to be the change agent for your initiatives. Please contact us at 503-636-1500 or “info [at] sagecircle dot com” for more information.