Now on sale: Analysts on Analyst Relations

Robin Schaffer’s guide to analyst relations is 2020’s most valuable resource for our SageInsight members. It’s now available to the public, as a paperback or an ebook through Kobu, and these local Amazon stores:

Kindle stores were the first to have the book.

The book is also available from several other major booksellers worldwide, including AdLibris, Angus Robertson, Bokus, BOL, Eurobooks, Facultas, Indigo, Kriso, Pieper Saarlouis, Bücher Pustet, Tanum, and Walmart.

Alongside Sven Litke’s introduction and a preface by Efrem Mallach, the book includes Robin’s review of analyst guidance on the following topics:

  • Analysts Explain Analysts
  • The Influence Landscape
  • Mutual Value – Vendors and Analysts
  • The Analyst World
  • Best Practices for a Great Relationship
  • Briefings
  • Inquiries, Strategy Days and Events
  • Evaluation Reports.

The book is also available in PDF format here.

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