It’s Not Just Analysts You Need To Impress

By: Robin Schaffer

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Understanding the influencer landscape is crucial for analyst relations professionals. Without an understanding of the AR landscape, it is impossible to know what type of connection you need to have with specific AR personnel. Getting to know the landscape, and the people in it, will enable you to get the best value out of each group and interaction.

As an AR professional, you may think that the most important people to focus on are other analysts. But, this isn’t the case. Aside from analysts, there are other groups in the markets that can influence the purchasing decisions of technology buyers and impact the market trends. These include:

• Journalists
• Bloggers
• Consultants
• Academics
• Associations
• Customers

Journalists may not always have an in-depth knowledge, but they certainly have the ability to influence their readers. As an AR professional, it’s vital to ensure that journalists fully understand why your story matters.

Buyers often follow influential bloggers, so these also play an important role in manipulating buyers’ decisions. Identifying key internet influencers in your area (and getting them on side) can help you spread your messages strategically, pushing the trends more in your favor.

Consultants provide their clients with informed advice, with some even playing the role of the analyst simultaneously. If consultants write papers, buyers take their words seriously, so it’s important that you are aware of the most influential consultants and figure out how to win them over.

Academics conduct in-depth research on various subjects that can heavily influence the market. Vendors’ involvement with scholars can have a tremendous impact on their brand value.

Collaborating with associations that conduct research and buy technology solutions can facilitate partnerships with industry leadership.

Customers can have both positive and negative views of your solutions. Having a great customer relationship strategy can persuade them to promote a positive story about your brand, which will subsequently lead to more sales.

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