Sage Intelligence Briefing: Win-Loss Analysis

Join us for our second Sage Intelligence Briefing of 2021 featuring SageCircle Senior Advisor, Efrem Mallach, and CEO Sarah Shamouelian.

Win-loss analysis is featured in every marketing textbook and explores reviewing a sales campaign, after a prospect has made a choice, to see what can be adapted to help with future campaigns. Every marketing consultancy offers help in conducting this analysis, yet The Pragmatic Institute has found that these are often non-meaningful post-decision analyses, and very few look at the role analysts played in the prospect’s selection of a vendor. We think both of these are poor management choices. Join Dr. Efrem Mallach, author of Win Them Over, as he discusses why this is the case, why it’s wrong, what organizations need to do, and how the analyst relations function can make that happen.


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