A SageCircle Introduction


Coinciding with our 20th anniversary this month, we are delighted to announce the expansion of SageCircle as an advisory firm and community for analyst relations teams, with Kea Company Research Director Efrem Mallach, PhD as President.

With all-new training, webinar and research content, we are introducing four new services that will help your AR team transform their business value.

Initially, SageCircle aimed to provide measurement, training, and advisory services to the AR community, but we realized that it was more paramount to help teams focus on the value they can create for their companies and the analysts that technology buyers rely on.

Our content and events schedule provides our members with the essential tools they need to transform their performance. Our exclusive community also allows members to connect with like-minded analyst relations professionals to discuss opportunities, explain problems and discover solutions. To accompany our relaunch, our Qualitative Research Advisor, Robin Schaffer, has introduced the firm’s first book: Analysts on Analyst Relations: A SageCircle Guide. You can find it online to order here:

Learn more about Analysts on Analysts Relations

As CEO, I am confident that SageCircle is the natural partner for teams who want to move past best practices and become the analyst relations teams leading the way. Contact us today to find out how SageCircle can bring your team to the forefront of the AR industry.

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