Analysts on Analyst Relations: An Overview

By: Robin Schaffer

SageCircle is delighted to bring a new AR book to the world: Analysts on Analyst Relations: A SageCircle Guide. This barrier-breaking volume opens up the inside world of the industry analysts to AR professionals. It is paramount that professionals know analysts well, and can optimize relationships for the good of the vendors they represent.

I have devoured many of the AR ‘how to’ books on the market, and they have contributed well to my AR chops, so I am very grateful to the authors. But this book was an opportunity to look at AR from the other side- from the analysts who are our customers. To get the most two-way value out of these relationships, we have to know them, know how they think, know their frustrations, know their wishes and dreams. It’s quite a human endeavor, and to excel, we must be human together.

I was surprised by some of what I learned, and felt validated by other things. Listening to and comparing the thoughts of 30 analysts from different firms, regions, and areas of expertise, showed me a great deal of similarity. It has been eye opening. For example, vendors generally see analysts as market influencers, whilst analysts see themselves as valuable contributors to a vendor’s strategies, products, and practices. They want to be heard and appreciated. 

AR professionals sit in the center of a complex web of information and relationships. We stand between the vendor and a highly influential, knowledgeable and opinionated audience of third-party experts. Mastering the art and science of AR ensures that you can have a huge impact on the future of your business.

Alan Petz Sharpe, founder of Deep Analysis, provides the analyst perspective on the AR role:

“I understand that AR professionals have a very tough job to do. Frankly, I do not envy your role. You have to try to keep everyone happy all the time, and that is an impossibility. I have deep admiration for many AR professionals. I have deep admiration for any technology vendor who stays in business more than six months. I suspect, though, that the vendors who really thrive in the coming years will be those that figure out how to relate to the marketplace- not just analysts- in a more transparent way.”

This may not be news to us, but it’s gratifying to know that analysts understand us, too. Aligning our views with theirs is the secret.

The book includes chapters that help you understand analysts better, show you how to work with them, explain what they want (and don’t want) from briefings, inquiries and other engagements, and finally, give you their perspectives on the big reports like the Magic Quadrant. It is packed with their perspectives, tips and advice. 

AR professionals work in the wilderness. There isn’t a map, or a recipe, and no single strategy that will guide us to the best possible outcome. We rely on our insights, instincts, and knowledge to influence the analysts and the companies we represent. Analysts on Analyst Relations: A SageCircle Guide is designed to enable your success with insights from within, and provide you a unique advantage for better analyst relations.

You can find the book here: 

Read, devour, and enjoy!

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