Don’t Be An AR Dinosaur

By: Sarah Shamouelian

Following a recent discussion on the Analyst Observatory forum that I and colleagues took part in, it was revealed that whilst AR has long been a ‘best practices’ industry, Gartner predicts a paradigm shift in the industry that will leave many teams in the dust. That is unless they are able and willing to adapt.

Gartner’s predictions and their ramifications on the industry are explored by Analyst Observatory co-director Duncan Chapple through an evolutionary metaphor; in 15 years time, the ‘best practice’ AR of today will look like a dinosaur. Teams and companies who can’t, or won’t, adapt to the new look and feel of AR will become the crocodiles of our world: slow, not quite prehistoric, but recognizably reptilian. 

By contrast, teams that want to transform, and do so enthusiastically, could be compared to modern-day birds: descended from the same reptile ancestor, but an almost entirely new species with distinct and sought-after features. These teams will be in a league of their own and be an in-demand commodity with stakeholders down the line. 

SageCircle wants to help bring your team out of prehistoric times and into an exciting, modern field. Gartner believes that only around 40% of analyst relations teams will have the drive and know-how to transform their strategy. Will yours be one of them? 

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