Stay on top on what is happening in the analyst ecosystem by having a SageCircle strategist talk at your next staff call

icon-crystal-ball.jpgThe analyst landscape and AR trends are volatile

All aspects of the communications and IT industries are in a state of flux.  The industry analysts are not immune to the change, which drags AR along.  Issues like what is the impact of social media on AR, are the analysts still influential, what is the Fog of Influence, how does analyst firm consolidation change the game and others bedevil AR teams.

SageCircle’s free Trends Presentation

The Trends Presentation is a 30 to 60 minute discussion of top trends facing AR professionals.  It is offered free one time to non-clients and unlimited times to Annual Advisory Service clients.  AR managers pick the trends that would be of most interest to their teams and SageCircle strategists construct a slide deck and talk track that will get everybody involved. 

If you would like a Strategist to share what we see in our crystal ball, call +44 7493 772981 or send an e-mail to info [at] sagecircle dot com. Click here for a PDF brochure.

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