September 7, 2020

About SageCircle

Since 2000, SageCircle has helped analyst relations teams to focus on business value by encouraging innovative thinking that leverages insights and drives revenue. 

Our Mission

We help global enterprises to transform their relationships with analysts and have, over the years, developed our unique insights. 

Our strategists work with many of the world’s most innovative AR teams, which allows us to:

  • – Surpass static ‘best practice’ 
  • – Improve the knowledge and skills of AR staff and extended AR teams
  • – Improve staff productivity by focussing AR on the most pressing business challenges and opportunities
How we help

We help tech and telecom providers educate analysts, use them strategically, effectively and efficiently, and leverage their unique position in the market to help drive business goals.

Our premium membership programs, SageClub, SageInsight and SageLeader, deliver both consultative advisory support for teams and continuously updated professional development programs for individuals.

Our extensive team consists of highly experienced professionals and researchers from around the world who have vast knowledge about the challenges those competing in high tech markets face because we have stood in your shoes. At SageCircle we offer unparalleled analyst relations (AR) domain expertise, developed through years of experience in the analyst industry as end-users, analysts, AR researchers and vendors. This, coupled with new insights from working with some of the most dynamic AR practitioners in the industry, drives our unique perspective and ability to completely transform business and AR professional relationships