Analyst Relations Bite-size Training Part 1: Knowing Research Agendas Helps to Plan Interactions and Relationships with Analysts | SageVideo

Sage Intelligence Briefing: Win-Loss Analysis

Join us for our second Sage Intelligence Briefing of 2021 featuring SageCircle Senior Advisor, Efrem Mallach, and CEO Sarah Shamouelian. Win-loss analysis is featured in every marketing textbook and explores reviewing a sales campaign, after a prospect has made a choice, to see what can be adapted to help with future campaigns. Every marketing consultancy[…]

Forrester’s Charlene Li on 60 Minutes this Sunday, January 13th, to discuss Facebook

Congratulations to Charlene for this plum media opportunity. This is very positive for the social media industry as Charlene is a knowledgeable observer who has a knack for giving the press clear and concise sound bites that educate without sensationalizing the topic at hand. Check out “Facebook (and me) on 60 Minutes” for details. I[…]

Hill and Knowlton’s Tech Decision Makers Study

Interesting press release from our friends at H&K on Industry Analysts, Print Media Leading Influencers in IT Decisions. This concerns the nearly annual study H&K commissions to interview (much better and more expensive than a web survey) IT buyers about where they get their information and advice on purchasing decisions. […]