Man bites dog — IDC licenses reprint of Outsell report in order to tout itself

logo-outsell.jpgIn what is for me an amusing twist how things normally work, here is an analyst firm getting a reprint of another analyst firm’s report in order to promote itself. In this case, it’s IDC that got the reprint of an Outsell report “IDC Grows Vertically Through Insights Product Line” to put on its website for marketing purposes. It is a pretty straight forward market research piece IDC, mainly facts with some analysis. You can get a copy by


To boost credibility vendors should use candor about the risks with their products / services / markets

Candor is an important tool for vendors to use when talking with industry analysts because it builds credibility and relationships. On the other hand, vendors that only talk about happy topics and put a rosy glow on everything can do significant damage to their credibility. I am not suggesting that vendors air their dirty laundry with the analysts. Rather, vendors should discuss real and known risks with products or markets and how to manage those risks. Frankly, the analysts are probably hearing all the downsides related to your […]