December 11, 2020



SageCircle co-founder Carter Lusher

SageCircle was founded in 2000 by Carter Lusher and David Levin.  They set up a boutique AR consultancy to help tech startups and global providers develop systematic analyst relationship management. 

Aided by sales leader Stacey Alexander, clients included Compact Computer Corp., Novell Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Lotus Software, Convergys Corp., Deloitte Consulting and Camstar. in2004, SageCircle closed with the spin-out of ARInsights.


Carter Lusher and Dave Eckert

In 2007, Carter Lusher and Dave Eckert relaunched SageCircle to fill a gap in the marketplace for high-quality insights and advice about industry analysts.

Their services included training and consulting on, how to educate analysts and use their research.

SageCircle built up a bank of written research and multimedia materials about analyst relations.

The SageCircle analyst relations diagnostic test is developed, now known as SageScore.


Dave Eckert, charter member of our advisory board

In 2014, SageCircle was acquired by Kea Company, the world’s largest consultancy focused on influencer research and analyst relations.

As advisory board members, Dave Eckert and Stacey Alexander have guided Kea Company and opened many doors. Since then, our content library has been enriched by resources in the Kea Analyst Relations Portal and insights from Kea’s research director Efrem Mallach PhD and advisory strategist Robin Schaffer.