ARMastermind: Weekly collaborative support to help you hit your objectives

What makes the ARMastermind special?

ARMastermind groups are hosted by SageCircle on behalf of the Association for Analyst Relations Partnership.

Collaborative CirclesOur mastermind groups bring together analyst relations managers from various high-technology companies. These exclusive circles provide a safe space for sharing objectives, insights, and strategies over 12 weeks.
Weekly SessionsEvery week, participants convene virtually. During these 12 consecutive weeks, we dive deep into discussions, ensuring consistent progress toward your goals.
Objective SharingIn the initial meeting, participants present their two key objectives. The group collectively refines these objectives, transforming them into actionable topics for exploration.
Peer AccountabilityAs you implement strategies, the group holds you accountable. You should expect constructive feedback, encouragement, and a commitment to follow through on action plans.
Unique PerspectiveWhat sets our mastermind groups apart? We’re the only organizer focused on analyst relations. With diverse backgrounds and fresh viewpoints, our members challenge assumptions and provide valuable insights.

Mastermind Groups for Analyst Relations Professionals

Concept and Structure

ARMastermind is 12-week program for analyst relations managers, designed to enhance professional skills through:

Collaboration and sharing of objectives
Gaining insights and strategies from peers
Establishing a trusted learning environment

Weekly virtual meetings are set for three months, and attendees commit to active participation, both in at least 10 sessions, and in the Association’s LinkedIn group. The first meeting is crucial for participants to share their objectives, setting the stage for future discussions.

Key Points:

Initial meeting for sharing objectives
Weekly “hot seat” for focused feedback
Emphasis on trust, accountability, and learning

Target Audience and Benefits

The mastermind groups cater to:

Analyst relations managers
Media relations and marketing professionals
Individual contributors in analyst relations

The program is curated to offer:

A unique perspective on analyst relations
A diverse group of professionals offering varied problem-solving approaches
Practical advice, accountability, and the opportunity to build lasting connections

Benefits Highlighted:

Access to diverse perspectives
Practical solutions to challenges
Building a trusted professional network

An aligned and supportive peer group

Participants share the purpose and benefits of the mastermind groups:

Fostering a collaborative and supportive session environment
Gaining diverse perspectives and practical solutions
Developing a trusted network of professionals

The ultimate goal is to elevate the analyst relations game and unlock the full potential of the participants.

Key Takeaways:

Analyst relations managers
Valuable, diverse perspectives and practical solutions
Create an important, trusted professional network

Get started

Membership for 12 weeks is $400, discounted to $200 for members of the Association for Analyst Relations Partnership and current SageCircle clients.