ContractRoI: Enhancing Value and Savings

Expert support in managing expenditures with firms like Gartner and Forrester is crucial for enhancing value and achieving cost savings. By applying a strategic approach to expenditure optimization, organizations can ensure they are investing wisely and in alignment with their business goals.

ContractRoI is optimized for contracts under $1m. Contact us for customised support on larger contracts.

ContractRoI: How we do it, together

Introduction to the Framework

The ContractRoI Contract Optimization Framework is a structured approach designed to enhance the contracting process with Gartner. It consists of three main phases: understanding the product, validating costs versus value, and final negotiation.

Each ContractRoI phase has similar strengths.

AffordableEach phase costs just $1,990, reduced to $995 for current SageCircle clients.
FastAccelerated process gives rapid insights.
FreestandingEach phase can be purchased separately.
KnowledgeableYou will be guided through the process by a former account handler from one of the top analyst firms.
StructuredOur tested process guides you through every step.

Phase 1: Understanding the Product

Conduct discovery calls to gain a deep understanding of the product.
Identify product deliverables, value delivery, remaining subscription, decision makers, and stakeholders’ stakes.
Emphasize transparent communication for clear articulation of the client’s needs.

Phase 2: Cost Validation and Value Clarification

Focus on cost validation and value clarification.
Compare overall cost paid to analysts with the value received.
Consider price change factors and quantify value from the client’s perspective.

Phase 3: Final Call and Negotiation

Address client concerns and make product benefits transparent.
Negotiate with analyst firm for the final price.
Consider multi-year contract options and dedicated Account Manager support.

The ContractRoI Contract Optimization Framework is a comprehensive guide to understanding, validating, and negotiating contracts with analysts, ensuring alignment with client needs and expectations.

Benefits of Expert Support in Expenditure Optimization

Breaking the automatic renewal mentality
Identifying opportunities for cost reduction
Aligning spending priorities with business needs
Gaining insights into intelligence gathering and research
Influencing decisions on essential services
Guiding the procurement process

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