SageDiagnostic Mini-Workshop

Introduction to the Workshop

The SageDiagnostic Mini-Workshop helps a tech solution provider assess their advisor or analyst relations (AR) program. It provides a structured evaluation, using both common best practices and leading edge ‘next practice’, through a series of steps:

Diagnostic interview
SWOT analysis
Tailored recommendations

The workshop is characterized by its speed, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and expertise being delivered by a SageCircle strategist.

Benefits of the SageDiagnostic Mini-Workshop

Participating in the workshop offers several advantages:

Rapid assessmentQuickly profiles the client’s AR program
Strategic insightsCompares against a standard set of strategic initiatives
Operational analysisEvaluates the foundational components of AR programs
Expert guidanceLeverages SageCircle’s research, experience, and advisory services

Why Engage with SageCircle

SageCircle emphasizes its commitment to providing research-based insights, continuous information services, and comprehensive advisory services.


The SageDiagnostic Mini-Workshop by SageCircle is a valuable tool for businesses to enhance their analyst relations strategies. It is a rigorous, fast, and easy way to gain actionable insights and recommendations, ensuring that AR programs align with industry best practices. SageCircle’s expertise in the field makes it a trusted partner for businesses aiming to elevate their AR practices.

Purchase today.

The SageDiagnostic costs $990, discounted to $495 for current SageCircle clients.