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SageUsers surveys hundreds of users of analyst research and advsory services every year and aims to capture global perspectives and regional differences. SageUsers reports cover key insights, including the participation of professionals from different market segments and the overall influence and value delivered by various analyst and advisory firms.

The survey encompasses responses from professionals from both large organizations, and mid-size/small organizations, presenting a comprehensive view of the industry landscape. SageUsers reveals the most valued advisory and analyst firms, feedback from users of all these firms, and insights into the most influential firms and their impact on buyers and investors. Additionally, it delves into the importance of market segments, services, and locations for the participants, shedding light on the evolving trends and preferences within the industry.

Benefits for Buyers

SageUsers offers insights into influential analyst firms for IT decision making.
Helps buyers benchmark results and understand trends in analyst firm influence.
Encourages consideration of smaller, cost-effective firms.

Benefits for Providers

Assists in prioritizing relationships with impactful analysts.
Offers personalized presentations, strategy workshops, and partner discussions.
Provides insights for analyst firms and investors to outperform competition in the ICT research industry.

Overall Impact of SageUsers

SageUsers is a valuable tool for enhancing decision-making and strategizing.
It serves both buyers and providers in the ICT research industry.
Facilitates a better understanding of the market dynamics and competitive landscape.

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