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The ContractRoI Contract Optimization Framework is a structured approach designed to enhance the contracting process with Gartner. It consists of three main phases: understanding the product, validating costs versus value, and final negotiation.

Each ContractRoI phase has similar strengths.
Affordable. Each phase costs just $1,990, reduced to $995 for current SageCircle clients. Customer references clients pay just $497.50.
Fast. The accelerated process gives rapid insights.
Freestanding. Each phase can be purchased separately.
Knowledgeable. You will be guided through the process by a former account handler from one of the top analyst firms.
Structured. Our tested process guides you through every step.

Phase 1: Understanding the Product
• Conduct discovery calls to gain a deep understanding of the product.
• Identify product deliverables, value delivery, remaining subscriptions, decision-makers, and stakeholders’ stakes.
• Emphasize transparent communication for clear articulation of the client’s needs.

Phase 2: Cost Validation and Value Clarification
• Focus on cost validation and value clarification.
• Compare the overall cost paid to analysts with the value received.
• Consider price change factors and quantify value from the client’s perspective.

Phase 3: Final Call and Negotiation
• Address client concerns and make product benefits transparent.
• Negotiate with the analyst firm for the final price.
• Consider multi-year contract options and dedicated Account Manager support.

The ContractRoI Contract Optimization Framework is a comprehensive guide to understanding, validating, and negotiating contracts with analysts, ensuring alignment with client needs and expectations.

Benefits of Expert Support in Expenditure Optimization
• Breaking the automatic renewal mentality
• Identifying opportunities for cost reduction
• Aligning spending priorities with business needs
• Gaining insights into intelligence gathering and research
• Influencing decisions on essential services
• Guiding the procurement process