SageWorkshops – $990 per year

Ddiscounted to $495 for current SageCircle clients.



Workshop Structure

Structured Method: Evaluate and refine every aspect of the topic from the perspectives of former analyst insiders and AR practitioners.
Web-Based Inquiry: Access a lifeline for questions or doubts during and after the workshop process.
Engagement: Phone and webinar-delivered engagement for convenience and accessibility.

What You’ll Learn

Critical Insights: Gain valuable insights for content developers, AR professionals and subject matter experts, including understanding advisory and analyst firm’s interests, avoiding key providers mistakes, and learning how to benefit from advisors and analysts’ influence
Effective Execution: Discover why less is more and how to focus resources to meet ambitious goals.

Who you’ll learn with

SageCircle strategists: With extensive experience as end-user clients, influencer relations leaders and advisory or analyst firm insiders, SageCircle strategists bring a wealth of knowledge to the workshop.
Adjunct consultants: SageCircle’s roster of adjunct consultants includes experienced AR jobseekers, analysts at large and (shhhhh!) moonlighting third party advisors. Their experiences and added originality offers a unique 360-degree viewpoint inside each SageWorkshop.