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Receive The Bi-Annual AAS Index

It’s an integrated ordinal ranking of the top 50 biggest and most influential firms. This is a unique reflection of a sample of the analyst industry with firms ranked based on the ‘love’ they generate for AR.

Accompanying this is the bi-annual Analyst Value Survey Summary Report. This is an extensive, premium report and the only annual and longitudinal survey available for AR professionals. It answers the most pressing questions, as well as those about who has the most influence. The main survey is conducted once a year with other, supplementary data available.

Get Invited To Our Quarterly Sage Intelligence Briefings

We give our members the opportunity to hear from invited speakers about the constant changes in AR trends. SageCircle are uniquely equipped to provide insight from all 3 points of the triangle: the AR perspective, the buyers’ point of view and the analysts addressing issues covering transformation, innovation, challenges and changes.

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To help you get the most out of these opportunities, you are also granted entry to our core online library content including video training, a webinar repository and core, vital reports. These will equip you with the tools needed to get the best out of your opportunities.

Always Be On The Top Of The Game With SageDevelop

In addition to these amazing perks, you are also invited to join SageDevelop; our certified continuous professional development programme. As the AR industry is ever changing, continuous learning is a vital step to ensure you are up to date with the latest trends and developments. This programme provides the opportunity to expand your skill set, develop your knowledge and improve your expertise to keep yourself in the know.

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