Sales enablement: Dave Eckert on winning sponsors and success

After getting sales enablement basics in place, we want to win some sponsorship. The first thing we need to do is to find somebody in sales who can really help us out. What we’re looking for is someone who can educate you on how the sales team works. You can plant some seeds that talk[…]

Should tech startups invest in analyst relations?

rocket-for-startups.jpgLast night I attended the Marketing SIG monthly meeting of the SDForum (an association for tech startups) because Dana Marks of Weber Shandwick and analyst Rob Enderle were talking about “Analyst Relations — It’s All About Influence.” It was a pretty interesting meeting. Rob was very candid and had a lot of funny stories about dealing with vendors that illustrated important issues.  The most salient point for me was that even in the 21st Century the IT industry analysts are still a mystery to a broad swath of the tech vendor community, especially startups. The questions that were asked by the attendees were to the point and reflected real concerns. Here are some examples: