Mastermind group membership April-June 2024


AR Mastermind groups are hosted by SageCircle on behalf of the Association for Analyst Relations Partnership.

  • Collaborative Circles: Our mastermind groups bring together analyst relations managers from various high-technology companies. These exclusive circles provide a safe space for sharing objectives, insights, and strategies over 12 weeks.
  • Weekly Sessions: Every week, participants convene virtually. During these 12 consecutive weeks, we dive deep into discussions, ensuring consistent progress toward your goals.
  • Objective Sharing: In the initial meeting, participants present their two key objectives. The group collectively refines these objectives, transforming them into actionable topics for exploration.
  • Peer Accountability: As you implement strategies, the group holds you accountable. You should expect constructive feedback, encouragement, and a commitment to follow through on action plans.
  • Unique Perspective: What sets our mastermind groups apart? We’re the only organizer focused on analyst relations. With diverse backgrounds and fresh viewpoints, our members challenge assumptions and provide valuable insights.


We’re looking for members of the Association’s LinkedIn group who will contribute both in the LinkedIn and mastermind groups. This an opportunity only for people who have the time to participate in the group.

  • – via LinkedIn. Mastermind members must make at least one post and one comment each month in the Association’s LInkedIn group, including in the month before joining the mastermind group.
  • – via the group. If you find can’t attend 80% of the meetings, then you’ll have to step out from that group.

Each group will have a facilitator to encourage participation and ensure fairness.


Additional information

Q2 2024

12-week membership in the Mastermind group hosted by SageCircle and the Association for Analyst Relations Partnership.

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