Research consumer’s turn — How industry analysts can be better prepared for inquiries

icon-phone-headset.jpgFor the most part the SageCircle blog concentrates how various members of the tech analyst ecosystem interact more effectively with the analysts (e.g., AR best practices and research consumer tips). This post is an experiment to give the community a chance to give a few friendly tips to the analysts.

SageCircle heavily encourages the use of inquiry for both communications and IT vendor AR teams and end-user client researcher consumers.  While most analysts are well prepared for inquires we have personally experienced and received comments from members of the analyst ecosystem about those analysts that might have needed a bit more coffee before getting on the phone. One not so amusing story is the analyst who could not discuss the research he had written, could not remember writing it and could not even find it once the inquiry had started. This blunder occurred even though the inquiry was explicitly arranged to discuss this specific piece of research. 

We have some suggestions for analysts, but would like to solicit readers’ comments on how analysts can improve what they do.  Inquiry users can leave suggestions via comments to this post (anonymously if you like) or by sending SageCircle an e-mail (info [at] sagecircle dot com). We will aggregate e-mailed suggestions and add them to this post.

To get the ball rolling here are few ideas that should only take an analyst a few minutes to do immediately prior to any inquiry:

  • Work with your inquiry process to ensure you fully understand the topic and expectations of the client.
  • Review the information or materials that the client has (hopefully) sent you regarding the inquiry.
  • Review notes on past inquiries from this client
  • Locate all published and unpublished research materials that might apply. Be prepared to send documents.
  • Compile a list of similar inquiries from other clients
  • Engage your mind in the inquiry by gathering background on the client’s specific situation rather relying solely on notes made by the firms’ client service representative
  • Note action items as they arise during the inquiry and review them at the end of the inquiry
  • Follow up to see if the client has additional questions or would like another inquiry.

There is more than simply delivering good client service behind these suggestions. Analysts that come to vendor-client inquiries ill-prepared can make it more difficult for the AR teams to convince management and domain experts to interact with the analysts and invest in analyst relations. Analysts’ credibility is hurt when they fumble an inquiry with vendor executives leading to the attitude “Why should we bother to brief the analysts when they only get it wrong anyway?”

Question:  Analyst clients, end users or vendors – What examples do you have of analysts coming to an inquiry ill-prepared?

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