23/04- If You Had $100 To Spend On AR...

If You Had $100 To Spend On AR…

By: Sarah Shamouelian Knowing who, and what, to prioritize can be a difficult challenge for many AR teams, so AR veteran, and original SageCircle founder, Chris Germann has broken it down. If he had $100 to spend on analysts, where would it go? His answer is rather unequivocal: 70% would go to Gartner without a[…]

Using a 360° AR Program To Stay Relevant To Technology Buyers

Using a 360° AR Program To Stay Relevant To Technology Buyers

By: Ian Scott As transformation specialists, it seemed only fitting to use the 2021 Analyst Value Survey results to highlight some opportunities we’ve noticed in the field. One major takeaway we found was that analysts’ value (according to analyst users who participated in the survey) had increased almost 10% in a single year. This increase[…]


Influencer Marketing Is Not What You Might Think

By: Sarah Shamouelian Chris Germann, one of the original SageCircle founders, now works in enterprise influencer marketing. That doesn’t mean that he helps social media accounts purchase likes and followers just to get some lucrative sponsorship deals. In fact, it’s much closer to AR than you’d think. But what exactly is influencer marketing? As Chris[…]

Seeing Analysts As High-Value Influencers Was A New Norm In 2020

Analyst Value Increases By 10% Despite Global Challenges

By: Ian Scott Following the release of the Analyst Value Survey, the Analyst Observatory (the team behind the project) has been crunching the numbers from the 2020 edition. This one-of-a-kind survey is the only annual survey of analyst users, looking at both premium and unpaid use. It is uniquely suited to evaluate the true demand[…]