23/04- If You Had $100 To Spend On AR...

If You Had $100 To Spend On AR…

By: Sarah Shamouelian Knowing who, and what, to prioritize can be a difficult challenge for many AR teams, so AR veteran, and original SageCircle founder, Chris Germann has broken it down. If he had $100 to spend on analysts, where would it go? His answer is rather unequivocal: 70% would go to Gartner without a[…]


Influencer Marketing Is Not What You Might Think

By: Sarah Shamouelian Chris Germann, one of the original SageCircle founders, now works in enterprise influencer marketing. That doesn’t mean that he helps social media accounts purchase likes and followers just to get some lucrative sponsorship deals. In fact, it’s much closer to AR than you’d think. But what exactly is influencer marketing? As Chris[…]

Overcoming Resistance to Change in a Sales Team

Overcoming Resistance to Change in a Sales Team

By Sarah Shamouelian After transitioning from a sales background to the AR side of things, I’ve found myself well positioned to offer some insights on bettering the sales/AR relationship. This relationship is universally in need of improvement, and often starts with evaluating how resistant a sales team is to change. Change is generally regarded as[…]

Concrete Steps to Drive Sales Enablement

By: Sarah Shamouelian It is evident that not enough companies are putting forth a concerted effort to bridge the gap between their analysts and sales teams. This leads to tense relationships between the two groups, which (aside from damaging company culture), will inevitably lead to decreased output from staff. So how can we manage an[…]

future of transformative AR

The Future of Transformative AR

by Sarah Shamouelian


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