The Future of Transformative AR

by Sarah Shamouelian

There are lots of uncertain elements out there pertaining to the future of the field of analyst relations. We are living in unprecedented times, and with these times comes the need to rethink the value that we provide to clients, as well as their perception of that value. 

Change is not a happy accident. Teams have to first acknowledge the need to change, then generate the desire to change. Only then can they gain the momentum necessary to establish themselves as leaders in the AR world. But why do we need to change now? What is wrong with the status quo?

In short, AR is moving away from a relationships-only model and more towards a data-driven, ‘results speak for themselves’ marketing strategy. Of course, this is easier said than done, and we cannot entirely discount the value of relationships in the analyst world. Especially in one where trust is everything. 

How can a company know how to value strategy versus aggression? What about horizontal growth versus vertical?

Unfortunately, there is no North Star pointing us all in the right direction. What we all do have are stakeholders pulling for more value and teams clamoring to provide it while being uncertain of where exactly it will come from. Whilst no one has all the answers, SageCircle is helping leading-edge AR teams, who understand the risk of resisting the push, to modernize.  

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