Influencer Marketing Is Not What You Might Think

By: Sarah Shamouelian


Chris Germann, one of the original SageCircle founders, now works in enterprise influencer marketing. That doesn’t mean that he helps social media accounts purchase likes and followers just to get some lucrative sponsorship deals. In fact, it’s much closer to AR than you’d think. But what exactly is influencer marketing?

As Chris describes it, enterprise influencer marketing is the confluence of AR, public relations (PR), and investor relations (IR). AR is traditionally based on data gathering, while PR is about the presentation of this data—packaging it and showing it off or using it to our advantage. IR is essentially data consumption— investors want to know where to turn next, and they need to know this quickly. Enterprise influencer marketing combines all three territories into one, allowing you to tell the story from start to finish.

Chris found his stride in this field after realizing taking a holistic approach to customer data would allow him to build a strong rapport with companies of all different kinds. With a background in tech, and as a former analyst himself, Chris is a bit biased toward the analyst side of things. However, he knows that these roles are constantly changing, as is the entire industry.

Transformative AR means that we need to stay adaptable and be open to change, be that in job title or job role in order to stay relevant in the market. Influencer marketing’s goal is to help firms use influencers as revenue-driving channels and therefore requires a large amount of careful strategic planning.

It is highly probable that job titles may change to include ‘strategic’, or may veer away from the word ‘analyst’ altogether. Either way, it is evident that SageCircle was founded with transformative AR in mind before the phrase was even coined. By staying at the forefront of an ever changing industry, SageCircle is uniquely situated to provide your company with transformational results.

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