Using a 360° AR Program To Stay Relevant To Technology Buyers

By: Ian Scott

Using a 360° AR Program To Stay Relevant To Technology Buyers

As transformation specialists, it seemed only fitting to use the 2021 Analyst Value Survey results to highlight some opportunities we’ve noticed in the field.

One major takeaway we found was that analysts’ value (according to analyst users who participated in the survey) had increased almost 10% in a single year. This increase is especially surprising given what a tumultuous year 2020 was for markets across the globe. But where does this leave transformative AR? Are there any other results we should be focusing on?

The preliminary report of the Analyst Observatory data indicates that most vendors are likely placing most of their analyst budget with one large analyst firm. While they may indeed get some great value out of that one firm, this isn’t necessarily where their users are. The average participant is using a dozen firms over the course of a year, so for companies to stay ahead of the curve, they must avoid placing all their eggs in one basket.

Dividing efforts between some of the top firms listed in the survey would be the first step to diversifying operations, seeing as different firms influence different investors, buyers, and customers. Participant use cases are continually shifting, so to get the most value from investments, you should shift your strategy as well. According to the survey, the modern analyst reader demands up-to-date, data driven research, and therefore, so should you.

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