Concrete Steps to Drive Sales Enablement

By: Sarah Shamouelian

Concrete Steps To Drive Sales Enablement

It is evident that not enough companies are putting forth a concerted effort to bridge the gap between their analysts and sales teams. This leads to tense relationships between the two groups, which (aside from damaging company culture), will inevitably lead to decreased output from staff. So how can we manage an efficient and highly effective AR partnership?

AR can help enhance these often tense relationships, and implementing quality changes on both a team and company-wide level is key to bridging the gap and subsequently driving sales enablement. Teams that can overcome these challenges and respect the roles played by different members will thrive, while others who downplay the importance of AR might run into even larger issues later on.

Keeping things ‘short and sweet,’ focusing on quality over quantity, and managing everyone’s expectations of what AR can provide are crucial pieces to solving the puzzle faced by many modern business executives. Stay upbeat about your goals while keeping them realistic.

Demonstrating the value of AR to sales teams will help get people on board up front, and help keep them on board down the road. Be sure to use data-driven tools that show your staff the benefits that AR consistently provides.

The importance of focusing on the positive cannot be overstated. Highlight important players—everyone from executives, to sponsors, to implementers plays a critical role.

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